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strong personalized mailing

One example of how we optimize response

Open Rate: 57%

Customers of different garages received an e-mail stating their name, car brand, type of vehicle, the most appropriate winter tyres for their car and a precisely calculated offer to buy and mount those tyres. They could simply click and make an appointment. You can't make e-marketing more personal.

The more personalization you add to a mailing, the more response you get

decisive elements in mailings

Nothing influences your reponse rate more than your mailing list and your offer. Copywriting comes next.
Compared to a mailing with astonishing visuals, a well written message to the right addresses with a good offer, will have higher response.

Integrate response-reinforcing elements

Response focused text

Write a text that appeals to the reader and initiates action: click through to your site, subscribe to your newsletter, get information or request a brochure. Don't use long sentences but short paragraphs and subtitles that instantly tell the benefits of your offer and what action to take.


Focus on your offer & call-to-action

Make sure the reader sees at a glance the advantage(s) you're offering and how to respond to your offer. Even without displaying images, these two crucial elements must appear clearly. Make sure they can already be seen in the preview window. Because of the increasing number of differently sized screens, it's important that the mail shows correctly on all devices.


Personalise as much as possible

The more you know about the person you're addressing, the more you can personalise your message. The more you personalise, the more you attract attention and hold it. From a simple personal addressing to a full range of 'personalised elements' (see the example above): the more, the better the results. However, ensure the personalised items are correct, or they might work against you.


High response rates start with successful deliveries

Several technical aspects ensure that mailings pass the spam filter. Besides personalisation, the subject line, the sender (use a real name) and the reliability of the sending-system is important.


Create scarcity, limit your offer.

Add a time-slot: make your offer limited in time or give something extra for a quick response.


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online marketing

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