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Why Google Adwords?

  • 98% of the people looking for new products, use the Google search engine. It is therefore crucial for prospecting to appear in the search results. You only pay when someone clicks through to your website. In other words: for concrete results.
  • You can also use Google Display (image-)ads to make your website more widely known. Google display ads do not appear in the search engine but on several websites that you can select. They appear to people who are not actively searching for your product or service, and therefore often give less response. But they are much cheaper, and are often a good addition to a Google search engine campaign and increase brand awareness.
  • Google AdWords offers Remarketing. This allows you to reach people and customers who previously visited your website or people with the same profile (interest) than those who visited your website or became customers.
  • Google AdWords offers many possibilities and opportunities for targeted prospecting. All aspects of the results are measurable. This allows you to constantly improve the efficiency of prospecting new clients.

Why outsource Google Adwords?

  • Success with Google AdWords requires time, effort, experience, marketing knowledge, imagination, market research, knowledge of promotion techniques, study of AdWords and periodic training. To master and combine all that is not easy. Many DIY-amateurs lose a lot of money because they follow their gut feeling and get disappointed by the results.
  • In today's world a 'good gut feeling' is no longer sufficient. Knowing is growing, guessing is missing. Success is a matter of engaging the right expertise. This is perhaps nowhere more the case than with Google AdWords.

Why team up with Effects?

  • Effects is a certified Google Partner. Our expertise in Search Engine Advertising (SEA) has been recognized by Google. You'll enjoy the support of Google through this partnership, and that's quite an advantage: no one knows better how to score in Google than they do. hoger rendement met adwords
  • We have more than 12 years of experience with AdWords in various sectors.
  • You won't get 'locked' into a contract or long-term commitment. That is unique and requires us to perform continuously. Despite this free cooperation - which can be extended, reduced or stopped anytime - our customers work with us longer than average in this sector.
  • We optimize results by integrating SEO(Search Engine Optimalization) with SEA (Search Engine Advertising - AdWords) and . We look at your website and how it can be improved to maximize the effectiveness of ads.
  • We do not guess, we measure. By integrating Google Analytics in Google AdWords. This allows us to see which keywords and ad's initiate the most visits, requests and sales. The conclusions allow us to achieve better results in both natural and paid search results.
  • hoger rendement met adwords
  • Effects continuously evaluates the cost/conversion (application or purchase on your site) and adapts the bid strategy to enhance results.
  • You receive an overview of how your competitors use AdWords. You make better decisions when you know what your opponents do. We 'll help you with that.
  • 30 years of marketing experience. Perhaps our greatest asset and value. We can improve your strategy, offer, texts, visual elements through adding response-enhancing elements and other marketing aspects.

Some case studies

Budget Partners: More conversions for less budget

CTR +30%
Cost -30%

Budget Partners provides loans for renovation, major purchases or personal budget. In this highly competitive market we continuously improve the Adwords account. After one year of Adwords management, we succeeded in reducing the Cost of Conversion ( a submitted application) by one third.

adwords optimalisatie
"Effects' AdWords approach has put us on a profitable track.
Thanks to their commitment and understanding, we have succesfully tapped a new market"
Vik De Weerdt, Budget Partners, Brussels

Hansteen België & The Netherlands: AdWords optimization: More leads

CTR +50%
CPC -25%

Hansteen is an international player in real estate. We were asked to optimize the SEA campaigns in Belgium and the Netherlands. Objective: attract more visitors and generate more leads. After 6 months the number of clicks was doubled and the Cost per Click reduced by 25%.

meer leads met adwords
"Thanks to the AdWords campaigns Effects optimized, the traffic and the number of conversions grows considerately.
We are satisfied with their approach and the results."
Marieke Biemans, Marketing Manager Hansteen, Amsterdam

Herbalife Webshop: More sales

CTR +40%
Cost -30%

Herbalife is mostly known for their diet-shakes. More than 150 dealers in Flanders distribute the products. In this highly competitive market we were able to more than double the number of sales within the same budget in Google Search.

adwords optimalisatie
"I received a lot of clicks but few conversions in my webshop.
Effects succeeded in optimizing my AdWords budget by increasing the number of real sales."
Linda Cools, Herbalife, Dendermonde


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