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Search engines are becoming increasingly saturated by competing advertisers. Since possibilities to target potential customers very sharply through online advertising are increasing all the time, is can be more profitable to display your ads on carefully selected websites.

Online advertising has also become a powerful tool to reach your audience with bigger, more informative, eye-catching and animated ads, at a lower price then by search engine advertising.

We optimize your online campaign by constantly evaluating the profitability of different advertising channels and relocating your budget accordingly. Online advertising can be very effective by using Google Display Advertising, banners on selected websites, social media or newsletters. The possibilities and opportunities were never greater. Get a free consult.

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Effective advertising on social media

The system of 'Pay per Click or PPC' - you pay only when someone clicks through to your website - is not only available on Google. Social media like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram also offer interesting PPC-possibilities and a more refined segmentation of consumers.

With Facebook and Instagram, you can choose your audience using information about interests, age, social status, location, family situation, etc. This is worth gold for very targeted advertising. Likewise, LinkedIn offers the possibility to select on jobs, qualifications, degrees, company names, industry-sector, company size, etc.

Ask us an overview of what might be profitable to you.

Some case studies

Non-profit prospection via LinkedIn

NCK, a Belgian union for employees, wanted to recruit candidates for becoming union representatives. We simply asked the profile they were searching for and selected it on LinkedIn. The ad appeared only to those matching the profile. A very cost-effective campaign.

Linkedin advertisingLinkedin

LinkedIn allows many selection options:
company, company size, sector, gender, function, seniority, diploma, etc.

Webshop prospection via Facebook

Materni offers products to support breastfeeding. The question our client asked was: how can I reach women that gave birth to a child? Our answer: lots of women post that proudly on their Facebook-page. The ad, which only appeared to those women, made a lot of them click through to the Materni website.

facebook advertising
With Facebook, you can approach consumers very carefully
by combining unique, personal criteria.

online marketing

online marketing

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