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Succes with Adwords Shopping starts with a good Product feed, which is uploaded in a Google Merchant center. The feed has to contain all products. Take care that no products are disapproved by Google. Check if all products have a good visual, the right GTIN code, no difference in price with the site etc.

The right title of the products influences highly the appearance percentage of the ad. Do not name the products identical but make variations with the real keywords. Add a good description where the most important keywords are included.

Add exclusion words which are not relevant.

Take a look at the competition. It is no use to spend money on ads when the article can not compete on the market.

The more the account is structured, the better you can optimize. Divide the products in categories, brands, price ranges...

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Success with Google Shopping depends in the first place on the products offered. Are the products market competitive, optimization can be started to sell as much as possible products at the lowest possible price.

Due to good management Google Shopping Campaigns can continuously provide a higher ROI. Since the perfectly measurable results provide information on what products are the most successful. You can then apply a brand/non-brand strategy with a separate budget and priority level. Or create multiple product groups based on popular products or products with a high margin. Bid higher and set higher priorities.



It is often more profitable to concentrate on your core-business. Outsource the management of your Google AdWords campaigns in the hands of a Google specialist, a Google Partner. You will see how the optimization of your account, campaigns, ad groups, keywords and ads is done. You will learn in a short time what would cost you years to know. And subsequently you can see and decide if the optimization was worth the money!



Certified Google Partner and Shopping certified

More than 12 years of Experience with Optimization of Adwords campaigns

No Contract nor long-term commitment needed

Optimization by Integration of SEA and SEO

30 years of Experience with Response-generating Marketing Actions

Rolled-up sleeves and a personal service


Case Study

Optimization B2C: More conversions for less budget

Haarboetiek specializes in hairproducts with more than 10.000 articles on sale. In this highly competitive market we continuously improve the number of conversions where the cost per conversion (a sale) decreases.

"Shopping campaigns need to be adjusted daily. The competition is not holding back. If a good running article suddenly no longer sells, adjustments immediately have to be made."